Play 18 holes
in half the time

We've cracked the code for a shorter form of golf!

"Play 18 holes
in half the time"

"Fall back in love with golf"

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2TEE is a form of short form golf that enables you to play 18 holes in half the time.

It turns a 9 hole into an 18 hole, it helps bring time poor people back to golf, and it gives golf clubs the opportunity to ease busy periods or help fill quieter tee times.

With 2TEE you don’t just get a license to the game, you get a full marketing support for 12 months, ensuring you launch with a bang and keep people coming to play 2TEE throughout the year.
18 holes after work and still home in time for tea.
Great fun with the family – teeing off twice adds to the fun
18 holes of golf before the family gets going on a Saturday
So much fun – and a brilliant way to practice
I was no longer able to play 18 holes – this has given me my game back again

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