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YEP, YOU GOT IT. That’s 18 holes of beautiful golf in half the time. You can thank us later.

The Game of 2TEE

This is how 2TEE is played, and shows the time advantages it gives the players and the clubs
  • 2TEE Golf is played over 9-holes, with 2 golf balls, one yellow and one white.

  • The holes are set up with 2 teeing positions, one white and one yellow tee, the teeing positions are varied in distance.

  • Each hole starts with a stroke from each of the teeing areas using a white ball from the white tee and yellow ball from the yellow tee.

  • The player continues to play both balls until reaching the green which has 2-flags on it, one yellow and one white,

  • The player finishes the holes by putting the white ball into the white flag and the yellow ball into the yellow flag.

  • After you finish the hole, you have two scores and after nine holes you have eighteen scores.

Request a 2TEE club near you

Two opportunities to get that tee shot the best it can be. Two opportunities to play the perfect putt.

Double the fun, double the trouble, everything you love about golf, in half the time.

Request a 2TEE club near you

If you’d love 2Tee to come to your golf club or to a club near you, simply enter your postcode below and we will try and bring 2TEE to a place near you.
If you think crafting an email to your club manager is going to do the trick, here’s some words to help you on your way.
Dear XX
Please can you consider launching the new short form golf game 2TEE to our club. It reduces 18 hole game play to half the time, meaning more tee times for you, and more opportunities to play golf for me. And maybe a bit more time to spend in the bar. You can email 2TEE@thegolfgroup.co.uk and someone will tell you all about it. Apparently it comes with 12 months free marketing support too!.
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