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What is 2TEE?

2TEE short form golf is played over 9 holes. It involves a unique approach not seen before using the infrastructure of the pre-existing golf course.

Is the format qualifying?

Unfortunately, not at the moment. However, we are in discussions with the R&A, so it may be in the future.

How many people can play in one group?

We recommend no more than three in a group. However, that is not to say that you cannot play in fourballs. The format opens up another 100 tee times during the summer, so reducing to three balls does not waste tee times.

Can it be played at the same time as traditional golf?

It can. However, we recommend that you run the format for the day, which will help continuity of play.

When would we play 2TEE?

This will be up to each venue to decide. The format can be used during busy periods to open up over 100 tee times for the day. It can be used as events to attract new golfers, used once a week to allow golfers who are time poor to play 18 holes, during the winter so even if holes are closed, the course can still accommodate playing 18 holes, and for winter competitions. If supply outstrips demand for tee times, playing 2TEE will open up to 50 additional tee times on an 18-hole course.

Can 2TEE improve your practice?

Absolutely. Most people, when playing the course, hit a second ball to try a different swing. With 2TEE, you will hit a second ball and have to concentrate at your fullest, which is great practice for when golf matters.

Will it attract new players to the club?

Absolutely. One of the biggest reasons golfers give up the game is due to time constraints. The format allows the player to play 18 holes in around 120 minutes. The format is appealing to golfers that have an injury or elderly golfers who do not want to walk 18 holes. The format is a lot more interactive than the traditional game, which will be more appealing to younger generations.

Is it the T20 of golf?

We’d like to hope this does to golf what T20 has done to cricket. It removes the barriers from the game to encourage time-poor golfers to play or remain within the game. The game itself takes around just over half the time traditional golf takes, so in that sense, you could say it is a short form of the game.

Can 2TEE generate additional income?

Absolutely. On an 18-hole course, it releases 100 tee times on a day in the summer. This enables a lot more golfers on the course at any time, increasing accessibility to members and guests. If run once a week throughout the year, we would expect an uplift between £30-50K in green fee revenue.

Do we need specific equipment to run events?

As part of the 2TEE licence a set of branded flags are supplied to enhance the community aspect and to help build a branded presence for 2Tee throughout the club. The license cannot be purchased and used without the 2TEE flags. We will also create and print 2TEE score cards for you.

Do you need a yellow ball to play 2TEE?

It is preferred that you play with a white and yellow ball. However, if you only have white balls in your bag, make sure one of the two balls you play with is clearly marked with a Y to donate that it is the yellow ball.

How soon can we get started with 2TEE?

Once your club has signed the paperwork, it will take a few days for the scorecards to be produced. We can ship the brand pack to you within 7 days. Once these are delivered, you will be ready to go. Your marketing launch plan will also be discussed with you, so we can start to attract new people and engage existing members as quickly as possible. 

Can we use our current booking system to run 2TEE events?

Yes, all tee booking systems can be used to run events with slight modifications to the tee-off times.

Can visitors play 2TEE?

Absolutely! In fact, we believe that the format will attract more golfers to the club when events are being run.

Does running 2TEE events increase the number of available tee times?

Yes, in the summer months on an 18-hole course, there will be around 100 extra tee times available.

Will my members know how to play 2TEE?

The rules are fairly easy to grasp, and the club will be sent rules information which can be distributed to players via email or printed on the day.

Is 2TEE suitable for beginners?

Yes, beginners usually want to play more than one ball during a hole so they get more opportunities to practice, which makes 2TEE ideal for beginners.

Can we play 2TEE and traditional golf on the same day?

Yes, if you wish to, you can play traditional golf on one nine and 2TEE on the other nine. This gives you the best of both worlds and keeps golfers engaged if they want to play the traditional game while 2TEE is being played on the other nine.

Does it take longer to play one hole?

Yes, it does. But as long as you are ready to play, the increase is only a few minutes for a 3-ball.

What is included in the marketing support pack

Being a 2TEE license holder/club isn't just about having the game to play; it also comes with a free ecosystem of support wrapped around it.

When you sign up to be a 2TEE site, you will have access to one of our highly qualified marketers, who will talk through a launch program just for you. We will then support the launch by drafting a press release and issuing it to the local press, creating launch social content, email content, and posters for you to use on-site.

As a 2TEE club, you will also have access to the 2TEE Marketing Folder that has heaps of assets for you to use to promote 2TEE. It comes jam-packed with content, calendars, creative ideas, templates, and event ideas and suggestions to maximize the 2TEE opportunity at your club.

Each quarter, you will also have a review so that we can support you to embed 2TEE into your business, your community, and your revenue targets. 

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